Booking Information

To make a booking, head to the bookings page here

Please ensure all bookings are made a minimum of 7 days prior to check in date.

Booking Information

All Community & School Groups wishing to use Paton Park must have an appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance


The telephone number for Paton Park is 03 6425 6552. The telephone is located in the kitchen. This is an STD barred phone. Local and reverse charge calls can be made. Any local calls made during your stay should be included on your clearance form. Good mobile phone coverage is available throughout the Park.


These will be available the day before your booking. You will be informed by the Booking Officer where to collect the keys along with further information for your stay at the Paton Park Scout Lodge & Campsites. You will be expected to return the keys to the Booking Officer immediately after you have finished at Paton Park in order to obtain your deposit and/or bond refund.

Groups that lose or fail to return keys will be charged a $500 lost key fee to cover the cost of re-keying the Park.

Breakages, Damages & Extra Cleaning

Any replacements, repairs or cleaning will be charged to the group deemed responsible.


Campfires may be lit near the Scout Lodge and within the campsites areas using the existing established fireplaces. Only self-gathered fallen timber from inside the park or timber brought in by groups is to be used for campfire purposes.

Cut firewood found in the wood sheds is for Lodge and Bunk Room wood heater use only.

Any groups found using cut firewood for campfires will be billed accordingly

First Aid

Please bring you own First Aid Kit. There is a basic kit in the First Aid room, we request you only use it in emergencies.


Brooms & Mops are supplied. Users are required to bring their own cleaning products.

It is expected that the facility is left as clean as its found.

If it is necessary for us to clean up after your use, a cleaning fee will be charged and subtracted from your deposit/bond.


Bins are supplied for use during your stay. You are responsible to remove all rubbish at the end of you stay.

No Dogs, Firearms or Off Road Motorbikes are Permitted Within the Park

All animals and plant life within the boundaries of the Park are protected. Please make sure everyone attending is aware of this so that no damage occurs.

If you have any further queries in regards your proposed stay at Paton Park please do not hesitate to phone

Bookings Officer - 03 6459 2001

Park Ranger - 0459 555 008

Paton Park's Fees

Fees are reviewed periodically by the Paton Park Board of Management. The below fees are current as at 18th February 2019.

Deposits are to be paid on the day of booking. If a deposit is not received within 14 days, your booking may be forfeited.

Bookings for General Public must make full payment 14 days prior to your stay. A Security Bond may also be payable for some bookings. For more information, please contact the bookings officer.

Please be aware there is now a minimum charge or 10 people per night at your applicable price.