Booking Information

To make a booking, head to the bookings page here

Please ensure all bookings are made a minimum of 7 days prior to check in date.

Conditions of Use

All community & School Groups wishing to use Paton Park must have an appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance.

A deposit needs to be paid either at time of booking or up to 2 weeks after your booking to secure your place. Without this deposit other groups can overbook you on your selected weekend.

Note Last minute cancellations (under 2 weeks) may mean forfeiting of your deposit, if we are unable to source another booking on the cancelled day/s. 

Please ensure all bookings are made 14 days prior to required check in date.

Any further enquiries about your booking can be made by contacting the booking officer on 0364592001 or park ranger on 0459555008.

You will need to bring your own toilet paper, personal toiletries and cleaning products.

Cleaning Option

We have a cleaning option that may be available (subject to the availability of cleaners) if you are not able or do not wish to do the required cleaning of the lodge at the end of your stay. If using this service, you must still leave the lodge neat and tidy and remove all rubbish.

Cost is $120.00 for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming the hall/lounge, mopping all floors. An extra cost of $80.00 applies for vacuuming all bunk rooms, leader rooms, green room and cleaning the extra container showers. (Total cost $200.00)

If you wish to check availability of this option, please indicate at time of booking.


Bins are supplied for use during your stay. You are responsible to remove all rubbish at the end of your stay. This includes cigarette butts, cans, bottles, bottle tops etc.


Please extinguish all fires before departure.

Any structures built during your stay need to be dismantled and materials returned to place of origin.


Good Telstra and Optus mobile phone coverage is available throughout the park.

Breakages, Damage and Extra Cleaning

Any replacements, missing items, repairs or cleaning needed will be charged to the group deemed responsible.

Misuse of any firefighting equipment or fire alarms will incur a monetary penalty.

Please note the lodge / campgrounds are checked after each visit.

For additional information during your visit refer to the white folder located in the kitchen.

Checking Out

Please complete “Check out Sheet” located in the kitchen. Please also complete “Paton Park Survey Sheet” attached to the checkout sheet. The survey sheet allows you to highlight both good and bad experiences you may have had with your stay. Follow-up will occur to fix any problems you have experienced. Both sheets to be left in the kitchen, thank you.

Both Gas and Power must be turned off on your departure.

No Dogs, Firearms or Off Road Motorbikes are Permitted Within the Park

All animals and plant life within the boundaries of the Park are protected. Please make sure everyone attending is aware of this so that no damage occurs.

If you have any further queries in regards your proposed stay at Paton Park please do not hesitate to phone

Bookings Officer - 03 6459 2001 

Park Ranger - 0459 555 008

Paton Park's Fees

Fees are reviewed periodically by the Paton Park Board of Management. The below fees are current as at 1st of Devember 2023

Deposits are to be paid on the day of booking. If a deposit is not received within 14 days, your booking may be forfeited.

Bookings for General Public must make full payment 14 days prior to your stay. A Security Bond may also be payable for some bookings. For more information, please contact the bookings officer.

Please be aware there is now a minimum charge or 10 people per night at your applicable price.